You get it, organising your online files is great for business and removes a LOT of wasted time spent searching for things.  

But where exactly do you start?

Learn the tops secrets to organise your online files from someone that has already done it successfully, with a small team and limited time resources!

Any great business starts with a solid foundation, and this course will show you how you too can organise your files online to spend less time searching and more time working, landing new opportunities, and win more business, today.

What you'll get from this course:

  • Learn about each phase of setting up a robust online filing system, why it matters and how to make it work for you and your team, so that you can stop wasting valuable time searching for files and more time working and landing new business.
  • Find out the secret tips and tricks to stop the overwhelm and get organised today.
  • Get the energy flowing and attract new business opportunities effortlessly, so that your team love you and your businesses motors like a well oiled machine.

Course Curriculum

Session 1.0: Why You Can't Find Your Stuff

  • Episode 1.1: Why You Can't Find Your Stuff
  • Episode 1.2: Real Business Case Stories
  • Episode 1.3: The Thinking Behind a Good System
  • Episode 1.4: Creating New Outcomes

Session 2.0: Building Your Filing System

  • Episode 2.1: Setting Up Your System
  • Episode 2.2: Your Business Village
  • Episode 2.3: Your Filing Chart
  • Episode 2.4: Securing Your Village
  • Episode 2.5: Sharing Your Files

Session 3.0: Administration and Archiving

  • Episode 3.1: Your Administration Department
  • Episode 3.2: Naming Your Files
  • Episode 3.3: All About Archiving
  • Episode 3.4: Being Consistent

Session 4.0: Moving Day

  • Episode 4.1: Your Leader's Mindset
  • Episode 4.2: Redirecting Screenshots
  • Episode 4.3: Setting Up For The Move
  • Episode 4.4: Moving Day Steps
  • Episode 4.5: Involving Your Team
  • Episode 4.6: Managing a Remote System

Session 5.0: Bonus - Inbox Mastery

  • Episode 5.1: Inbox Snapshot
  • Episode 5.2: Time For The Clean Out
  • Episode 5.3: Keeping the Slate Clean
  • Episode 5.4: The Daily Grind
  • Episode 5.5: Handy Inbox

What's in the box?

Meet Your Personal Filing Coach

Hi there!

My name is Kerry Anne Nelson and I'm know for my obsession with making workplaces run smoothly.  My community wasn't surprised when I made this my core business.  I was almost broke when my husband passed away unexpectedly, leaving me to salvage a business without any formal processes in place.

Since then, I have become Australia's most passionate advocate for systemising businesses.  My clients have accelerated their achievements of their business goals by leveraging my decades of experience in growing my own companies.  Here I shortcut the journey into sustainable expansion with customised tools which empower you to scale and grow your teams.

Ready to take back control of your online files and life?  Let's get to work!

[email protected]